Posted by: Sandy Steinman | February 18, 2020

Antelope Valley Wildflower Reports 2/14/20

Poppy Reserve/ Mojave Desert Interpretive Association has a new report for Feb. 14

The 2020 wildflower season has begun. The fiddleneck are up to 5 to 6 inches, pygmy-leaved lupine have their leaves, filaree have their true leaves and starting to flower, locoweed have their green leaves, grasses are up to 3 plus inches and yes there are poppy plants with their true leaves. I also observed the cotyledons of goldfields. The male Juniper trees are loaded with cones that are producing the pollen and the female trees have small berries.


  1. Might be. A good year there…not so much most other places…as soon as it’s warmer we should check out the tortoise reserve

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