Posted by: Sandy Steinman | February 9, 2020

Santa Monica Mountains Wildflowers 2/9/20

Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area has a new report just posted two recent reports

Topanga State Park Musch Trail 2/5/20
         Musch Trail from Trippet Ranch to Musch Camp. In these weeks of winter weeks big pod ceanothus is covering the hillsides and making everything look white. There are also other early flowers in bloom; wild cucumber, eastwood manzanita, California everlasting and the occasional purple nightshade.
Rivas Canyon Rivas Canyon Trail 1/31/20
         Rivas Canyon Trail is a trail that connects Temescal Canyon and Will Rogers State Historic Park. It is accessed from the road in Temescal Canyon, the trail is on the right.
This is the season of big pod ceanothus, it covers the mountainsides and its honey-like scent pervades the air. On the trail it is particularly striking when it is paired with the still scarlet toyon berries. Ceanothus are by far the predominant bloom but there are also wild cucumber, cliff aster, sugar bush, California everlasting, purple nightshade and twiggy wreath plant in bloom. This trail also offers stunning ocean views.

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