Posted by: Sandy Steinman | October 17, 2019

Mono County Fall Color 10/16/19

Fall Colors in Mono County – Mono County Tourism 

October 16, 2019: This is the moment we’ve been waiting for leaf-peepers! Fall Colors are at their peak at most of your favorite Mono County destinations. The West Walker River, Monitor Pass, Twin Lakes Bridgeport, Conway Summit, Lee Vining Canyon, Summers Meadow, Lundy Canyon, June Lake Loop, McGee Canyon, Convict Lake and Lower Rock Creek Road are all bursting with color right now. Come this week to guarantee a glimpse of fall brilliance before it’s too late!

Crowley Lake and Antelope Valley are the only two locations that are still a bit green but are both worth the trip this weekend. Lobdell Lake, Sonora Pass, Tioga Pass, Virginia Lakes, Sagehen Summit and the Mammoth Lakes Basin are now past peak.

We will still have fall color in select areas for the remainder of October but the next 7 days will be the grand finale for many of these locations. Happy leaf-peeping!


Monitor Pass (8,314′) – 75-100% GO NOW! peaking everywhere along the highway and at the summit!
Lobdell Lake Road (8,600′) – Past Peak. You’ll still find a few groves with color but stripped in most areas.
West Walker River, Walker, Coleville and Topaz (5,200′) – 50-75% Go Now!– The West Walker River was at full peak last night. The cottonwoods of Antelope Valley are just starting to change. Better color can be found on Eastside Lane and up Mill Canyon. Little Walker River Road and Molybdenite Canyon are past peak.
Sonora Pass (9,623′) – past peak.


Twin Lakes (7,000′) – 75-100% – GO NOW! Peaking now at both the upper and lower lakes and in the campgrounds through Robinson Creek.
Virginia Lakes (9,819’) – Past Peak.
Conway Summit (8,143) – 75-100% GO NOW! In typical Conway Summit fashion, you’ll find sections of past peak, full peak and still green. You’ll be able to assess the groves from US 395 to locate the best view.
Summers Meadow (7,200′) – 75-100% GO NOW! Past peak in sections but still brilliant in others. A must stop if you’re in the Bridgeport area.


Tioga Pass (9,943′) – past peak.
Lee Vining Canyon (6,781′) – 75-100% GO BOW! – Peaking aspens in the canyon and around the campgrounds.
Lundy Lake & Canyon (7,858′) – 75-100% GO NOW! – Colors were spectacular up Lundy Canyon last week. The colors are moving down the canyon and should be perfect around the lake and in the campground this week.


Sagehen Summit (8,139’) – Past peak.


June Lake Loop/Hwy 158 (7,654′) – 75-100% GO NOW! Now’s the time to go to the June Lake Loop! Some sections of trees are thinning (especially around Silver Lake) but thick and full in other spots. Parker bench, Gull Lake and areas just south of Grant Lake are amazing right now. Don’t miss  Leaves In The Loop happening this weekend!


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Mammoth Lakes Basin (8,996′) – Past Peak


McGee Creek Canyon (8,600’) – 75-100% GO NOW! – Colors can still be found up the canyon and around the campground. Some areas are not as vibrant as in past years but worth the short drive up US 395.
Around Crowley community (6,781′) – 50-75% Go Now! Patchy closer to US 395 but great colors shooting up the hill. Hilton Creek is at full peak!
Convict Lake (7850′) – 75-100% GO NOW! – Do yourself a favor and take the hike around Convict Lake this week! You won’t be disappointed. Nice color all around the lake now and down into the campground.


Rock Creek Road (9,600’) – 75-100% GO NOW! Past peak around the lake level but bursting along the lower sections of the road!

Click HERE to download our Fall Color Guide & Map!

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