Posted by: Sandy Steinman | October 12, 2019

New York Fall Foliage Report Oct. 9, 2019

New York Fall Foliage Report has the following report for Oct. 9 to 15

In the Adirondacks, Essex County foliage observers are calling for continued peak conditions in Lake Placid this weekend with nearly complete color change and leaves featuring bright shades of red, yellow, gold, and orange. The Whiteface Mountain area in Wilmington will be past peak this weekend with nearly complete color change and bright shades of yellow and orange along with some red. Reports from Schroon Lake project peak foliage for the weekend with nearly complete color transition and brilliant shades of red and yellow. Foliage will be at peak in Ticonderoga, with bright gold and orange leaves highlighted by shades of red. In Crown Point, observers are calling for near-peak foliage with 60-85% change and more fall colors appearing daily, including oranges, yellows, and reds, plus some green along Lake Champlain. Willsboro can expect near-peak foliage with 75% color transition showcasing bright yellow and gold leaves along with some rich shades of red and rust.

In the Adirondacks portion of St. Lawrence County, areas will feature near-peak and peak conditions with varying shades of red, orange, yellow, and purple. In northern Warren County, spotters in North Creek, Hague and Thurman project near-peak foliage with vibrant yellow, orange, and red leaves. The southern portion of the county can expect up to 75% color change with bright yellow, red, and orange leaves. Spotters at Lapland Lake Resort in southern Hamilton County, project 70-80% change and near-peak to peak conditions with yellow and orange leaves, along with some red highlights of average brilliance.

In Franklin County, reports from Tupper Lake anticipate foliage will be just-past-peak this weekend with 90-95% color change and cinnamon, copper, honey, ginger, clementine, saffron, and paprika leaves of above-average brilliance. Malone and the northern portion of the county will be slightly past peak, with nearly complete color transition featuring shades of yellow with some orange. In Saranac Lake, expect foliage to be just-past-peak this weekend with 90% change and a bright and soothing blend of reds, oranges, and yellows of varying brilliance. Foliage will be just-past-peak this weekend in Hamilton County, according to spotters in Lake Pleasant. Look for nearly complete color transition and bright red leaves, along with some shades of yellow and orange. In the Herkimer County hamlet of Old Forge, expect past-peak foliage this weekend with 90% color transition and leaves with average shades of deep red, burnt orange and yellow.

Read more details at  New York Fall Foliage Report | Experience Peak Fall Colors in NY

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