Posted by: Sandy Steinman | October 12, 2019

Bishop Creek Fall Color 10/6/19

Parcher’s Resort  reports on Bishop Creek Fall Color

Bishop Creek Canyon Fall Color Report – Round FOUR!!
Alrighty folks, time for round four! This is definitely the most difficult season I can recall for grading color in this canyon. Not only is the color late, but it’s coming in patches. Some places are going off, while groves just a few hundred yards away are green as can be. Sometimes one tree has orange, red, yellow and green all together. I’ve decided to call these trees mangos…ya know, because it’s like a ripening mango, get it? Anyway, this is making for some awesome shots in my opinion. Having said that, the cold last Sunday night through Wednesday certainly dulled some of the color that had peaked last week. I was very happy to see that we only had a few leaves turn black, really dodged a bullet there. The cold didn’t do much damage to most of the foliage that had yet to turn, so there’s plenty o’ color to be found in yonder hills. In the right light, especially in the afternoon hours, it’s stunning out there. The forecast looks great and if that holds up, we’ve got a few more weeks of fall color fun in the high country.

Bishop Creek Canyon Overall Color Above 8500ft Elevation – Peak (75%-100%) Go Now!

Overall Conditions Below 8500ft Elevation – Near Peak (50% – 75%) Go Now!
With the substantial elevation variation of the aspen in this canyon, it’s hard to say “below 8500ft” and be spot on. To narrow this down a little, I’d say the 8000ft to 8500ft range is really starting to pop in places. This is closer to patchy than it is to peak, but it’s coming on beautifully. The aspen down lower was mostly untouched by the cold and the wind so when it goes to peak color, it should look rich and vibrant. Some areas are almost there, while others have a bit to go, but I’m really looking forward to how some of these areas will look next week.

Location Reports

Sabrina Campground to Sabrina Dam (9000ft) – Peak (75%-100%) Go Now! The aspen by Sabrina campground are looking surprisingly good considering they were mostly peak last week. The stretch from the campground to the dam is spectacular, but on the low range of peak in my estimation.

Willow Campground (9000ft) – Peak (75%-100%) Go Now!
Big time splash of color found its way to this area and the views up towards Parchers Resort are awesome.

North Lake (9255ft) – Peak (75%-100%) Go Now! Again, I was pleasantly surprised how much color was not toast after the cold snap early in the week. Beautiful views and plenty of color still around and the road should just get better as the week goes on.

Weir Pond (9650ft) – Peak (75%-100%) Go Now! The aspen above the pond were hardest hit by the cold and wind, but plenty of color here. The aspen along the road are really bright yellowish green and the back of the pond has some orange.
Parchers Resort (9260ft) – Peak (75%-100%) Go Now! The hillsides all around the resort have come on beautifully. Best viewed from within the resort or from below near Willow Camp.

Table Mountain Camp (8900ft) – Peak (75%-100%) Go Now! Watch out for photographers here because it seems they’re lining the road from morning til dusk. Great views and a splash of rosy orange still hanging tough and more color comes on every day.

Surveyors Meadow (8975ft) – Peak (75%-100%) Go Now!
Impossible to miss it – just tons of color all around this spot. Lots of photographers and even a painting club made this their destination of choice this weekend.

Lake Sabrina (9150ft) – Peak (75%-100%) Go Now! Spectacular views at Lake Sabrina, probably the most popular spot in the canyon for photographers right now.
Mist Falls and the groves above Bishop Creek Lodge (8350ft) – Near Peak (50 – 75%) Lots of yellow has developed here, especially looking up canyon. Healthy happy aspen ready to make a big splash within the next week I’d wager.
Aspendell (8400ft) – Patchy (10% – 50%) Lots of color below and above this small neighborhood, but it’s worth a look for sure. Just below is Bishop Park Group Camp, and it’s stunning.

Groves above Cardinal Village (8550ft) – Peak (75%-100%) Go Now!
Some of the aspen are past peak but there is enough yellow and orange here to still be considered peak. The groves winding down the creek towards Cardinal Village Resort are starting to turn as well.

See photos at Parcher’s Resort


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