Posted by: Sandy Steinman | July 21, 2019

Wildflowers Around California 7/20/19

Carson Pass Information Station  reports

backside of Frog Lake iris are just past peak and plentiful.Trail to Winnemucca is largely free of snow. All three campsites are free of snow, although the trail marker to #1 is either buried in snow or gone.Flowers along the usual “epic section” where it is wet are just starting to bloom. I predict peak is about two weeks out.Trail from Winnemucca to Woods Lake is snow free. Flowers higher on canyon walls are plentiful, but not yet happening anywhere near the creek.

California Wildflower Tipline has new postings with photos of

  • Tuolumne Meadows and Upper Cathedral Lake Trail  and Tioga Pass in Yosemite
  • west end of Huntington Lake. Shooting Stars and Columbine are fading, but Tiger Lillies and Paintbrush are going strong.
  • Wright’s Lake
  • Monte Bello Open Space Preserves.
  • Mormon Emigrant Trail Rd. off Highway 88 and at least 1.25 miles of Silver Fork Road! Immediately, you see large swathes of Sidalcea reptans, Sierra checker mallow; Eriogonum nudum, Naked buckwheat; and other lovelies including lupine. Then, at the loop right at the beginning of the METrail, turn off and park at the end opposite the toilets. You’ll find wallflowers, pussytoes, pretty face, and a new one for me Astragalus bolanderi Bolander’s milk vetch … though once the pods form it might turn out to be a different variation of Astragalus. Continue on down the road and you’ll be awed by the Ceanothus and all the manner of blue, yellow and red pops. Now turn onto Silver Fork Rd. go just a mile give or take a few hundred feet and pull over when you see the huge field of Wyethia mollis, Woolly mule’s ears on your right … magical. There you’ll also find large amounts of Allium campanulatum, Dusky onion or Sierra onion. You can keep going through the pines to the Silver Fork of the American River or if you turn around and are heading back on METrail keep your eye pealed for a dirt turn out in about a half mile on the left when you see Indian Paint Brush on the right. Stop, park, get out and you’ll see the biggest display of electric blue Hackelia nervosa, Sierra Stickseed; bright red-orange Ipomopsis aggregata, Scarlet Gilia.
  • Sierra Onion near Marlette Lake, Ca. So many flowers in the area that it’s almost overwhelming.
  • Sonora Pass
  • Virginia Lakes

See photos at California Wildflower Tipline

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