Posted by: Sandy Steinman | July 14, 2019

Lundy Canyon Wildflowers: Lake Trail 7/12/19

Lundy Lake

We walked the Lake Trail about a mile in and saw many species in bloom including three penstemon species, lots of Calochortus bruneaunis, two species of Paintbrush plus many Orthocarpus cuspidatus which is a species of flowering plant in the broomrape family known by the several common names Short-flowered Owl’s Clover, Copeland’s owl’s clover, Siskiyou Mountains orthocarpus, and toothed owl’s-clover.

Coyote Mint and Sulphur Buckwheat


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Lake Trail Plant List 7/12/19

  • Sierra Onion/Allium campanulatum
  • Sulphur Buckwheat/Eriogonum umbellatum
  • Blue Elderberry/Sambucus mexicanaSoda Straw/Angelica lineariloba
  • Lupine sp.
  • Bruneau Mariposa Lily/Calochortus bruneaunis
  • Snowberry/Symphoricarpos rotundifolia
  • Mule’s Ear/Wyethia molis
  • Single-Stemmed Butterweed/Senecio integetrrimus
  • Douglas’s Pincushion/Chaenactis douglasii
  • Wild Rose/Rosa woodsii
  • Bushy Leptosiphon/Leptosiphon nuttallii subsp. pubenscens
  • Scarlet Penstemon/Penstemon rostriflorus
  • Showy Penstemon/Penstemon speciosus
  • Mountain Pride / Penstemon newberryi
  • Coyote Mint/Monardella odoratissima
  • Mt. Mahogany/ Cercocarpus ledifolius (in fruit)
  • Tobacco Bush/Ceanothus velutinus
  • Western Wallflower/Erysimum capitatum var. capitatum
  • Oregon Sunshine/Eriophyllum lanatum var. integrifolium 
  • two Paintbrush/Castilleja  possibly  C. applegatei and C.applegatei sip. pallida
  • Short-flowered Owl’s Clover, Orthocarpus cuspidatus

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