Posted by: Sandy Steinman | July 11, 2019

Rock Creek Wildflowers 7/9/19

We spent a good part of the day on Rock Creek Rd. Much like the other areas we have been to the lower areas have a lot of bloom but the higher elevations are behind due to the longer winter snow/rain.

The Prickly Poppy area near the beginning of the road had less Poppy plants in bloom than usual for this time of year but more Sulphur Buckwheat. A little further along the Sulphur Buckwheat Hillside was exploding with bright yellow flowers.

Other plants we saw in bloom included Prickly Phlox, Dogbane, Paintbrush and Gayophytum. The Mountain Mahogany were already in fruit.

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When we reached the usually lush roadside areas around 8500 feet there were flowers in bloom but not any where near as much as we usually see this time of year. We saw White Rein-orchids, Common Monkeyflower, Scarlet Penstemon, Western Columbine, Paintbrush, Kelly’s Lily (just a few) and Wild Rose.

One of the best spots was the Mt. Pride across the street from Rock Creek Lake Resort.

Mosquito Flat did not have much in bloom. Mainly a Cinquefoil.

We just briefly checked the beginning of trail and again although there were flowers, the number of species and plants in bloom was significantly less than other years. We did see Paintbrush, Wild Strawberry, Single-stemmed Groundsel, Meadow or Whorled Penstemon, and Western Columbine. The Creek was full and running strong.

The high elevation bloom should only get better the next couple of weeks.

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