Posted by: Sandy Steinman | June 27, 2019

Lassen National Park Conditions 6/27/19

Campground Status

Update: More campground updates: Juniper Lake Campground and Stock Corral opening has been postponed to 7/19 (instead of 7/12) due to snow. It may open earlier if conditions allow.

Campers are encouraged to consider Warner Valley Campground or one of the many campgrounds in Lassen National Forest south of Juniper Lake:…/recreati…/camping-cabins/recarea/…

Campground Updates (now out of date, see above): Juniper Lake Campgrounds and Stock Corral opening is delayed to 7/12 due to snow. Summit Lake Campgrounds will open this Friday, 6/28 as scheduled with patchy snow. There will be non-potable water only at North Summit and no water at South Summit. South Summit Lake Loop D is closed due to snow.

Manzanita Lake, Butte Lake, Lost Creek, Southwest, and Warner Valley Campground are open.

Status of Roads within the Park

Lassen National Park Highway and other park roads are closed for the snow season, typically November through April. The Spring Road Clearing page has spring road clearing operations information and historical road access dates.

Refresh your browser (hit F5) to view the most recent information.

Road Section Status Detail
Lassen National Park Highway
(The portion of Highway 89 traveling 30 miles through the park.
Open The highway winds through mountainous terrain and reaches an elevation of 8,500 feet. It is 30 miles in length. RV’s and trailers need to be less than 45 feet in total length.
Butte Lake Open Road is unpaved/gravel, 6 miles in length and begins off of Hwy 44.
Warner Valley (access to Drakesbad Guest Ranch) Open Road is not recommended for RVs, trailers, and low clearance vehicles. It is 17 miles in length and begins off of Hwy 36 in Chester. The last 3-mile section is unpaved/dirt.
Juniper Lake Closed Road is not advised for RVs, trailers or vehicles with very low clearance. The road is 13 miles long. It is paved for the first 6 miles north of Chester (Hwy 36), then rough gravel and dirt for the remaining 7 miles.

Snow Depths

Snow depths are updated when there is a significant change. Call (530) 595-4480 for the most up-to-date information. Last updated: 6/17/19

Location Snow Depth
Mineral (5000 feet) 0″
Manzanita Lake (5800 feet) 0″
Southwest Entrance (6700 feet) 1 – 4 feet
Lassen Peak (8250 feet) ~10 feet

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