Posted by: Sandy Steinman | May 28, 2019

Santa Monica Mountains Wildflowers 5/27/19

Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area has one new report

This has been a year when almost any hike you take in a wild place is going to give you a gratifying display of wildflowers. The popular media has frequently provided us all with dramatic flower reports and suggestions of where to see the more spectacular displays. Added to that is the drama and beauty of the recovering burned landscapes here in the Santa Monica Mountains. All in all this is a flower season not to be missed.

Topanga Canyon State Park Santa Ynez Canyon 5/24
         The beginning of this hike is a lovely creekside ramble. There is still quite a bit of water in the creek and some of the many crossings are a little tricky. This is a cool, peaceful and mostly flat walk and there aren’t a huge amount of flowers although there are patches of canyon sunflower, elderberry, purple nightshade, hedge nettle and a single, hidden globe lily. The explosion of flowers comes as you head uphill into the chaparral. There you find abundant, golden yarrow, black sage, California buckwheat, dudleyas, yellow and white pincushions, Turkish rugging white snapdragon and blue larkspur. I do always want to point out that the canyon area of this hike is thick with poison oak.

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