Posted by: Sandy Steinman | May 26, 2019

North Coast Wildflowers 5/25/19

Where to Photograph in California (Calphoto)  has report for Pt. Arena, Montgomery Woods State Preserve, Kruse Rhododendron State Natural Reserve, and Stewart’s Pt.

Stopped at Point Arena on my road trip today, and it was well worth it. On the trail south along the bluff top (park at the bend in the road), tons of Iris, Blue Eyed Grass, Triphysaria sp., and Brodiaea. Plus, y’know, dramatic cliffs and ocean and stuff. Approaching the lighthouse there were fields of Sea Pink, and stands of chickweed, paintbrush, and a few Baby Blue Eyes. The word is Go, and the time is Now.

After Point Arena, the best wildflower spot I saw today was along Comptche-Ukiah Road in Montgomery Woods State Preserve. A semi-open slope had, in a small space, Firecracker Flower, Fairy Lanterns (Calochortus amabilis), Chinese Houses, Clarkia concinna (past prime, alas), Blue Dicks, and probably something I’m forgetting. Also tons of poison oak–you have been warned.
Kruse was a little disappointing. There were a few rhododendrons in bloom, but not many; a lot of buds, though, so it may be better in a couple weeks. Lots of violets. I meant to look for Lilium maritimum, but didn’t think of it when I was there and I wound up on the wrong trail for that (Phillips rather than Chinese Gulch).
Not much else worth mentioning, except for a lovely stand of Fairy Lanterns on Stewarts Point Skaggs Spring Road, a mile or two east of Anvil winery.

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