Posted by: Sandy Steinman | May 4, 2019

Oregon Wildflowers 5/4/19

Oregon Wildflowers has two new recent reports

Columbia Hills/The Dalles Mountain Ranch 5/4/19 – I suggest heading up to Stacker Butte Road rather than the lower Crawford Oaks loop. The lower elevation balsamroot is profuse but well past peak. Also blooming along Stacker Butte Road: paintbrush, bighead clover, phlox, daggerpod, milk-vetch, and lots of Lomatium.

Hamilton Mountain  5/2/19 the following wildflowers are blooming: Rockslide Larkspur (Delphinium glareosum), Spreading Phlox (Phlox diffusa), Gold Stars (Crocidium multicaule), Saxifrage, Field Chickweed (Cerastium arvense), Harsh Paintbrush (Castilleja hispida), Violet (Viola sp.), and Fairy slipper (Calypso bulbosa).


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