Posted by: Sandy Steinman | April 13, 2019

Carrizo Plain Wildflower Update 4/11/19

Friends of the Carrizo Plain reports

Flowers are still good here at Carrizo Plain, but just past peak and starting to fade. We are starting to see later blooming species and now is the time to come out before flowers are done for the season. Best viewing locations are:
-Soda Lake Road just south of the Visitor Center (Hillside Daisies, Valley Phacillia, Owl’s Clover)
-Near Traver Ranch (Phachillia, Hillside Daisies)
-Simmler Road (Coriposis/Tickseed, Tidy Tips, Hillside Daises, Lemon’s Mustard), -Temblor Mountain Range (Hillside daises, Phacilla, and Desert Candle)
*High clearance vehicles recommended for Elkhorn Road and access to the Temblors. Much of the northern Temblors is private property.

Please respect private property within and around Carrizo Plain, even if there are flowers. Rattlesnakes are also starting to be seen at Carrizo. Make sure to bring a full tank of gas, food, water, and everything else you need for the day. Campgrounds having been filling up even on weekdays, so make alternative plans. Visitors cannot camp on the valley floor, which is sensitive endanger species habitat.

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