Posted by: Sandy Steinman | April 10, 2019

Marin County Wildflowers 4/9/19

Marin CNPS has new wildflower reports with photos on it Facebook page

West Marin mini superbloom on Wilson Hill near Laguna de San Antonio. At the bottom of the hill, is a field of creamcups in serpentine soil.

Last vestiges of what used to be a string of vernal pools at the foot of Hick’s Mountain in Hick’s Valley, just over the hill, Nicasio area of West Marin. There‘s only one undisturbed pool left near the Lincoln school house, but the plants still remember when the water was there despite the fact that it’s now sectioned off and drained for a truck crop lettuce field. We used to erroneously call this one butter & eggs, it grew in the vernal pools that used to grace Woodacre and Lagunitas. The biggest vernal pool is Laguna de San Antonio, the next valley over.

Ground Iris, Nicasio. Color is pretty intense. At first I thought it was an escapee. An overcast day and the color really popped.

See photos and older reports at (Marin Native Plants

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