Posted by: Sandy Steinman | April 2, 2019

Oregon Wildflowers: Catherine Creek 3/31/19

Oregon Wildflowers reports on Catherine Creek

The typical early bloomers (various lomatium species, Sisyrinchium douglasii/grass widows, Fritillaria pudica/yellow bell, crocidium, some death camas, etc., especially in the lower and middle elevation areas. The bloom should really explode in a couple of weeks. Also lupines and larkspur plants are starting to emerge, but flowers are a long way off. There are thousands of healthy looking lewisia rediva plants in the rocky areas besides (and sometimes in the middle of) the trails — but no sign of any blossoms starting yet. I`ve seen them in bloom in mid-April in previous years, but we may have to wait another month or so this year. Several small mimulus species and a fair number of small prairie stars are blooming in the rock wall on the north side of the road just east of the parking area. And a few camas plants are in bloom there, too. Some early camas plants are starting to bloom in the warmer areas of the paved trail south of the road, too. A number of fritillaria affinis/chocolate lily are close to blooming along the east side of the trail just north of the collapsed barn. Also, lots of meadowlarks and Lewis` woodpeckers were flying and singing. And osprey have returned to the area. Saw no bluebirds yet, though.

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