Posted by: Sandy Steinman | March 15, 2019

California Wildflower News Stories

A collection of wildflower stories from a Goggle Alert

Where to see California’s wildflower super blooms — from SLO County to San Diego San Luis Obispo Tribune
Carpets of colorful wildflowers are beginning to blossom across California as hopes grow for a spring full of super blooms. From San Diego County to …

Super bloom comes to Carrizo Plain, wildflowers pop in Griffith Park and on Catalina Los Angeles Times

The super bloom is unfolding in Carrizo Plain National Monument in Central California and wildflowers are covering some slopes closer to home.
KTLA 360 Video: The California Desert Super Bloom KTLA

The super bloom has arrived in the California desert, and there are hundreds of varieties of wildflowers carpeting the landscape right now. Have you …
California’s wildflower super bloom attracts swarms of migrating butterflies

This year’s wildflower super bloom is not only filling California deserts with eye-popping displays of color — it’s also providing a feast for swarms of …
Sightseers headed to the Carrizo Plain super bloom are getting stuck in the mud instead San Luis Obispo Tribune

The blooms are popular photo destinations across the state, with thousands of pictures of poppies, daisies and other wildflowers popping up on …
Wildflowers in bloom at Santa Barbara Botanic Garden KEYT

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. – Wildflowers are attracting more than bees at the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden. People are flocking to see California …
Wet Winter Weather Brings ‘Super Bloom’ Of Wildflowers To California Arab News

Heavier than normal winter rains in California have caused a super bloom of wildflowers in various locales of the state.
‘Super Bloom’ erupts in Southern California WTOC

‘Super Bloom’ erupts in Southern California. The wet winter in California has produced wildflowers so vivid they can be seen from thousands of feet …

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