Posted by: Sandy Steinman | March 9, 2019

Death Valley Wildflowers 3/9/19

ter soloman reports

Our natural history group returned today from five days in Death Valley, and we are happy to report major rainfall this week, to the degree that most roads were closed while crews scraped away tons of sand and gravel that washed across roadways. This was a complete soaking rain that turned the soil into thick muck at least a foot deep, and our mud-covered hiking boots are proof of the extent of the storm. It rained heavily all night in Beatty where we stayed, and we drove through wash-outs throughout the National Park as far west as Trona. Some flowers were starting to bloom before this event, including brittlebush, prickly poppy, desert sunflower, notchleaf phacelia, browneyes and lesser Mojavea. The rain should increase flowering on the plants that have a head start, as well as induce seed germination in lots of annuals. Perhaps a visit in two or three weeks, depending on ambient temperatures, will reward flower enthusiasts.

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