Posted by: Sandy Steinman | March 7, 2019

Anza-Borrego Wildflower Update and Map Links 3/6/19

Anza-Borrego Desert Natural History Association reports

Borrego’s Big Spring Bloom is getting better!
This year’s spring bloom is now well underway, and it looks like this year will have more areas in bloom than the big bloom of 2017 and the bloom will last longer. All of March should be prime time and the bloom could last into April.

In Borrego Springs, the bloom at the end of DiGiorgio road, and into Coyote Canyon, has greatly expanded over the past week.  Along DiGiorgio, starting a good half mile from the end of the road, the fields on both sides are now carpeted with yellow desert dandelions.  It’s spectacular.  The dirt road leading into the canyon is covered with sand

verbena,  brown-eyed primrose, spectacle pod, sunflowers, and a mix of other colorful flowers, reaching right up to the slopes of the mountains.   It’s a very impressive bloom.  Coyote Canyon Road is open to Desert Gardens, but you can also walk through the flowers in this entire area. This area and others are shown on our Borrego Valley map.

To the east of Borrego Springs, it’s getting even better as well.  Many areas are in bloom between mile markers 31 and 38, and on into Salton City.  One of the best spots right now can be visited by parking in a wide pulloff on the northside of Highway S-22 at mile marker 31.  Verbena covers the hillsides leading towards the mountains, with fields of sunflowers beyond.  This is about ten minutes from Borrego Springs.

A little further east on Highway s-22, there are beautiful blooms in the Borrego Badlands.  Coachwhip Canyon on the north side of the road is splendid right now, with blooms of Arizona Lupine and Sunflowers, up against the weathered sandstone of the Badlands.  The same is true of the south side of the road, it’s just beautiful in and around Arroyo Salado and nearby washes.
The best areaa are marked on our Borrego Badlands map.

In the Ocotillo Wells SRVA, There is also a fantastic display of dune evening primrose and other species not far from the Ocotillo Wells State Vehicular Recreation Area’s Discovery Center.  Devils Slide is spectacular right now, accessed via the Shell Reef road from the Discovery center.  The road to the Devils Slide parking lot is dirt but well maintained. This area is shown on our Borrego Badlands map.  This area is often far less crowded that the popular sites in Borrego Springs, especially on weekdays.

To the south of Borrego Springs:  We have also just added a map for the areas to the south of Borrego Springs.  There are hillsides of Parish’s poppy along Highway 78, Little Blair Valley has blankets of yellow, and June wash is full of diverse flowers.

    Where to go if you just have one day?  Our suggested highlights.
     Map 1: Borrego Springs Flower Map : Areas around town
     Map 2:Badlands Flower Map : 10 – 15 minutes east of town.
     Map 3: South of Borrego Springs : 45 – 60 minutes south of town


  1. Headed back down that way on Sunday, will try to hit Joshua tree as well.  

    Sent: Thursday, March 07, 2019 at 7:07 AM


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