Posted by: Sandy Steinman | February 23, 2019

Santa Monica Mts. Wildflowers 2/21/19

Santa Monica Mts. National Recreation Area has  a new wildflower report

Malibu Creek State Park Grasslands Trail to Crags Rd. to Mott Rd. 2/21/2019
         Malibu Creek State Park is again open to the public. It is very clear that the Woolsey Fire came through but most of the landscape is now green, albeit with non-native grasses. The grasslands are punctuated with big oak trees that are mostly blackened or at least scorched, but most look like they are going to survive. I went looking for flowers and found very few. I saw some wild cucumber and a few patches of California poppy and a single blue dick. So, not a hike for flowers yet, but still a worthwhile hike for dramatic panoramas and the reassurance that the land is healing. I think there will be a lot of flowers next month.

Many of you know quite a bit of the Santa Monica Mountains was burned this past fall in the Woolsey Fire and consequently it is important to make sure the place you want to hike is actually open for hiking. When in doubt it probably would be wise to check in with the park unit you wish to visit. With all of the rain a lot of people are expecting this to be a great flower year. I usually think of March 1 as the start of the flower season. How about you?

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