Posted by: Sandy Steinman | February 22, 2019

Jepson Prairie Wildflowers 2/22/19

The Solano Land Trust Flicker group has the following report for Jepson Prairie.

Took an abbreviated hike at Jepson Prairie Tuesday. A lot of new growth but not many blooms yet. Observed Callitriche, Plleuropogon, Fritillaria liliacea, Viola pedunculata (beginning to bloom), Blennosperma, Hypochaeris, Primula clevelandii var patulum, Achyrachaena mollis, Triphysaria eriantha, Lomatium caruifolium (blooming).

This was all observed in the docen’t triangle/public area but there is a lot of standing water and mud.

Looks as though we’re going to see a good bloom this year.

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