Posted by: Sandy Steinman | January 25, 2019

Anza- Borrego Wildflower Update

 California Wildflower Report  has the following report

I visited Anza-Borrego Desert State Park this past weekend. There is a really nice bloom going in the Arroyo Salado area east of Borrego Springs on S22 and to a lesser extent in Coyote Canyon where it is still early. There is good germination in several areas of the park (not so much along Henderson Canyon Rd. as in other years).

It should be much better by mid-February, if not sooner. It had just rained before we arrived, but with the warmer weather blooming will accelerate. If it gets too warm or windy the annuals will fade fast. Get out there soon if you can!

Plants are:

Aliciella latifolia (Broadleaf Gilia)
Oenothera deltoides (Dune Primrose)
Xylorhiza orcuttii (Orcutt’s Woody Aster)
Mentzelia albicaulis (White Stemmed Blazing Star)
Dithyrea californica (Spectacle Pod)
Eremothera boothii ssp. condensata (Booth’s Primrose)
Palafoxia arida (Spanish Needles)
Rafinesquia neomexicana (Desert Chicory)
Cistanthe ambigua (Desert Cistanthe)
Encelia frutescens (Rayless Encelia)
Perityle emoryi (Emory’s Rock Daisy)

See photos and older reports at  California Wildflower Report

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