Posted by: Sandy Steinman | November 7, 2018

New York Fall Color 11/7/18

New York Fall Foliage reports Week of November  – November 6, 2018

Vibrant Peak Foliage Reaching Final Destinations in New York State

Peak foliage arriving on Long Island and in New York City, and making final stops in Finger Lakes and Hudson Valley

This is the ninth and final 2018 Fall Foliage Report for New York State. Reports are obtained from field observers and reflect expected color conditions for the coming weekend.

Colorful peak foliage will reach its final destinations in New York State this weekend, according to volunteer observers for Empire State Development’s I LOVE NY program. This weekend, travelers can expect to find leaves at peak throughout New York City and western Long Island, and in parts of the Finger Lakes and Hudson Valley regions. I LOVE NY defines ‘peak’ as the overall best appearance the foliage will have during the season.

On Long Island, there has been a dramatic change in the fall colors over the last week and much of the western part of the island is now at peak. A few areas are past-peak, with brown leaves on some trees and a few trees already bare. Spotters reporting from Nassau County along Meadowbrook Parkway and Southern State Parkway predict more than 95 percent color change this weekend with a wide assortment of bright, beautiful colors, including yellow, gold, fuchsia, rust, and cranberry. Other major roadways are also at peak color, including the rural stretches of Route 25A on Long Island’s north shore. Spotters reporting from East Meadow expect 90 percent to nearly complete color change this weekend with yellow, orange, red, purple and brown leaves of average brilliance.

Foliage will be past-peak on eastern Long Island, according to spotters in Riverhead. Rain and wind have brought down many leaves, leaving a mix of orange, red and brown foliage.

In the Hudson Valley, peak foliage will arrive in Westchester County this weekend, according to spotters in White Plains. Look for 80 percent color change and gold-yellow and some red leaves of average brilliance. Orange County will be past-peak this weekend, according to spotters in Goshen. Look for nearly complete leaf change with some bright gold, orange and rust leaves.

New York City foliage will be at peak this weekend, according to spotters reporting from The Bronx. Look for 85-90 percent color change with a good mix of bright fall colors.

In the Finger Lakes region, spotters in Lyons anticipate peak foliage will arrive in Wayne County this weekend. Leaves should be 65-70 percent changed; colors include bright gold and red along with some remaining green. Chemung County will be peak this weekend, according to reports from Elmira and Horseheads. Expect about 70-75 percent color change and various shades of gold and copper. Yates County is also expected to be at peak.

In Monroe County, foliage spotters based in Rochester expect peak to just past-peak foliage this weekend. Leaves will range from average to vibrant in appearance and include the colors of russet, bronze, dark red, orange, orange-yellow, yellow and glowing gold with some red from red maple trees and Japanese maples. Some trees have lost their leaves entirely following rain and cold overnight temperatures. There are also about 15-20 percent of deciduous trees that are still green. North of Rochester, spotters reporting from Greece, near Lake Ontario, expect a mix of peak and past-peak foliage this weekend with 95 percent color change and leaves of vibrant shades of yellow, red, and orange, along with some green leaves and significant leaf droppage.

Look for peak to past-peak foliage in Seneca County. Leaves should be nearly completely changed, with vibrant shades of orange, yellow, and red. Travelers will find peak and past-peak foliage throughout Steuben County this weekend, according to spotters in Corning, Hornell, Bath, Hammondsport, and Keuka Lake. Leaf change will be nearly complete, and leaves will be average shades of gold, yellow, rust, and orange.

Leaves will be past-peak this weekend in Cayuga County, according to Auburn spotters. This weekend, look for nearly complete color change with lots of orange, yellow, and brown leaves of average brilliance, in addition to significant leaf droppage. The foliage in Livingston County will be past-peak this weekend, according to spotters in Geneseo. Look for 80-85 percent color change and some splashes of orange, red, and yellow among the remaining leaves.

Other areas of the state are now past-peak.


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