Posted by: Sandy Steinman | September 23, 2018

California Fall Color Updates 9/22/18

California Fall Color has posted several new posts.

  • Lassen National Park
    above 7,000′, there’s lots of autumn color, though mostly among shrubs and ground covers. Lassen Volcanic’s willows are about 20% turned, while cottonwood, alder and aspen are showing mostly green and lime with a few flashes of yellow.
    Lassen Volcanic National Park – Just Starting to Peak (0-100%) – The difficulty in classifying LVNP is that the state of fall color there depends upon which plant specie is assessed. Ground covers above 7,000′ are at peak. Shrubs vary from Patchy to Peak. Trees are Just Starting.


  • Bishop Creek – Lake Sabrina is demonstrating the family nature of aspen with some stands still green and lime-colored, while others are at full peak in glorious tones of red, orange and yellow.
    At Weir Pond, between Parcher’s Resort and South Lake and along upper S. Fork, Bishop Creek, aspen now vary from Near Peak to full Peak. A rocky hillside of stunted aspen that forms a backdrop to the shaded pond is a mix of brightly lit yellow and lime.
    Bishop Creek Canyon – Near Peak (50-75%) GO NOW!


  • Highway 80– Flashes of color are being seen along Interstate 80, between Truckee and Cisco Grove,
    This route can get good at a few locations, though it often involves driving off the Interstate to get near the South Yuba River to see it. Right now, the show is still patchy, though splashed with color.
    Splashes about three miles west of the Sierra County line and across the S. Yuba where yellow aspen are clustering “in small draws. Then near the Cisco Grove River Park, he found a gold tinted  alder about halfway through  color change.”
    Interstate 80 – Patchy (10-50%)

Go to California Fall Color to see full reports and photos.

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