Posted by: Sandy Steinman | September 8, 2018

Eastern Sierra Fall Color

Here is a letter about fall color in the Eastern Sierra from the Bishop Chamber of Commerce published on the Lake Sabrina Fishing Resort website

Dear Fall Color Leaf Peeper:

              This is a response to your inquiry about when do fall colors happen? 

              This is tough to predict on any given year. Much is dependent on how low temperatures go down up in the high country.  Aspens have a biological clock geared toward day length  and nighttime temperature. Typically with the weather getting warmer, it seems that fall colors in the high country now begin in early September, maybe a bit earlier.  Generally, the first week or two of October is a good bet to come up for the high country colors but there are no guarantees with nature.

             Typically, the trees will lose their leaves in later October as color comes down into the valley extending the fall colors season into November.  But an Indian Summer can extend high country foliage longer.  Wind plays a role as well in how fast the leaves come down.

             Attached is a link to our fall colors guide which will be quite helpful to answering your questions:


             I am also attaching a nice story on Eastern Sierra fall colors:


              and video:

              In general and if you can, it is suggested you tap into the following links which will give you real time fall colors information:

             I would recommend you stop at our chamber office when you come to town.  It can save you some time since we attempt to keep up with everything we can.  We are located at 690 N. Main, in the A frame building across from Carl’s Junior Drive In.  When you are here, take a few minutes to look at an awesome new book entitled California Fall Color.  I have read it and it is outstanding!  It guides you to the fall color locations along highway 395, Yosemite, and around South Lake Tahoe.  It is the best book out on the topic. We will have a display copy available for guests to mull over.

Our website is if you need additional information about the area. 

If you need anything else, let us know.


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