Posted by: Sandy Steinman | April 30, 2018

California Monday Wildflower Summary 4/30/18

Quite a few wildflower posts and flowers have been posted in the last few days.

Marin CNPS has photos for the following

  • Great spring and serpentine flowers at Potrero Meadows Mt Tam
  • Bates Meadow is going absolutely nuts right now. To add to the fantastical effect there were tons of fairy moths too.
  • The show along Yolanda Trail is, as ever, in fine form. I came upon this Streptanthus – is this bristly or Tamalpais jewelflower? There’s also some along the uppermost portion of Hidden Meadow Trail.
  • Atlas Peak Road in Napa. Calochortus amabilis – Fairy Lanterns, in beautiful red-tinged hue.

Botanical Wanderings – California has photos for these areas

  • Some of the showiest lupine fields are in Atascadero
  • Rock Mountain preserve in Fallbrook

California Wildflower Report has photos for the following

  • Division Creek has Lupine blooming the entire way up the creek
  • Nine mile canyon
  • Dogwood Are Stating To Bloom In The Sierra” Stanislaus National Forest, California

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