Posted by: Sandy Steinman | April 28, 2018

Assorted California Wildflower Sightings April 24 to 28, 2018

Botanical Wanderings – California

  •  Kern River Valley and Walker Pass are rich in flowering shrubs just now, including Bush Lupine, California lilac , and Flannel bush
  • Mojave Desert – A dry year, but still some nice flowers found in the Mojave near Barstow this week.
  • Another nice flower patch along Highway 150. Paeonia, Death Camas, Dichelostemma and a Chlorogalum getting ready to bloom.

See photos at Botanical Wanderings – California

Anza- Borrego Desert Natural History Association reports April 28
 Besides the sea of yellow Palo Verde, Ironwoods and Desert Willows are starting to put on a show.  See  pictures were taken at the park visitor center this morning at Anza- Borrego Desert Natural History Association

Borrego Wildflowers has the following recent reports. See older reports and photos at Borrego Wildflowers

04/25/2018 Garnet Peak to Kwaaymii point
A bike shuttle hike from Garnet Peak trail head to Kwaaymii point parking.
We planned on hiking the PCT from Kwaaymii -> Mount Laguna in two parts. This way we have enough time to go slower for the plants we encounter.
This is a more scenic part of the PCT in the Anza-Borrego Desert and surrounding area. Great seeing some of our favorite canyons from a different perspective.
Finding California barberry, Berberis aquifolium dictyota here pushes them away from a garden plant.
Scrubs are noticeable less high as you see in colder climates.
We spend some time photographing a Silver leaf lotus, Acmispon argophyllus argophyllus as it looked different from other plants and you never know.
It’s time for Western wallflower, Erysimum capitatum capitatum that is blooming along the PCT, one plant that doesn’t mind the dry season.
Species in bloom above 3000 feet: 53.

04/24/2018 CRH – Soapstone Grade – Upper Green Valley – La Cima trail This is one of our favorite hikes this time of year, it’s easy with a good variation in blooming plants.
The flower show is certainly well below last season, but better than we expected.
The best was finding Gilia clivorum, Purplespot gilia within the Anza-Borrego Desert.
The smell on the loop was strong, mainly from Chaparral whitethorn, Ceanothus leucodermis and Cup leaf ceanothus, Ceanothus perplexans.
Spectacular, the many Western redbud, Cercis occidentalis in good bloom.
One must see in bloom, Parry’s green gentian, Frasera parryi, that might bloom next week, so we will return to that location.
Species in bloom above 3000 feet: 67.

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