Posted by: Sandy Steinman | April 16, 2018

North Table Mt. and Bear Valley/Walker Ridge Wildflowers 4/14/18

Where to photograph in California (Calphoto) had the following wildflower updates for North Table Mt. Ecological Preserve and Bear Valley/Walker Ridge

Visited Table Mountain on Friday, and it was marvelous, covered in a wide variety of flowers, very colorful, often dense, intoxicating from the lupine, very satisfying. Creeks and waterfalls are flowing nicely too, lined with Mimulus, meadowfoam and clover. Maybe I was just lucky, or stayed far enough away from the immediate parking area, but I didn’t see a single person crush a zillion wildflowers in the making of a selfie. Someone said that they thought it had peaked the previous week, so if you’re thinking of going, go now. And remember that you need to order a pass online and print it out before going.

On the suggestion of some CNPS people there, I checked out Bear Valley and Walker Ridge the next day. It’s still early at Walker Ridge, a few Ceanothus, redbud and paintbrush in bloom. Bear valley was patchy – a few areas of dense flowers, a few areas of scattered blooms, and in between lots of green and thatch.

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