Posted by: Sandy Steinman | April 14, 2018

St. George & Zion Nat. Park Utah 4/13/18

submitted by Ter Sullivan

It’s early spring at the 3000-ft elevation of the fastest growing town in the state, where desert marigold and apricot mallow are reaching their full bloom. Snow Canyon State Park ($6) is a must-see if you go in the next two weeks. You’ll receive a detailed full-color trail map with your paid admission. Even if you’re not a hiker, the spectacular geology is worth the trip. Most of the land near St. George is under BLM management, and the hiking trails are clearly marked. At the present time, expect full flowering of desert tobacco, Utah milkvetch, brittlebush (on the Nevada side of Hwy 15), and desert marigold. Later spring flowering is likely three to four weeks away at higher elevations in Zion National Park, about an hour and twenty minutes from St. George. Only a few early flowers are in full swing in Zion, including golden forget-me-not, western wallflower and Draba. A few cactus flowers are just beginning their show, particularly claret cup and mojave prickly pear. There’s plenty to do for plant enthusiasts, and I recommend the free app “Plants of Utah” that includes 3300 species with an easy-to-use artificial key. You’ll want the National Geographic map of Southeastern Utah, as well as one of the many good hiking guidebooks. –Ter Sullivan


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