Posted by: Sandy Steinman | April 11, 2018

Anza-Borrego Wildflowers 4/8/18

Borrego Wildflowers has a number of recent reports

04/8/2018 Golden Queen mine lake loop – Time to head to higher elevation and find a wetter place.
The pond showing on the satellite images looks perfect.
Temperature turned out to be optimal for a hike. The planned route worked great, just a few short stretched of scrubs.
Even here it’s rather dry, a good thing that the drainages are still wet at a couple of places.
As expected we added a good number of plants that we’ve never seen before.
Species in bloom above 3000 feet: 29.

04/7/2018 Salt creek – This is a very contradicting hike, last time we mentioned, germination and green. Now the feeling is dry and no abundant germination.
That said, a lot of scattered annuals, many very small and in low numbers, but they do add to the bloom count.
Unbelievable that the bloom count is this high in an area that feels this dry.
Species in bloom below 3000 feet: 93.

04/5/2018 San Felipe Valley Wildlife area loop – What a difference a month makes, this is unrecognizable green.
The most abundant bloomer in the area right now is Angel’s gilia, Gilia angelensis.
A detour towards a yellow hill, that turned out to be a hot spot of annuals, with Ground pink, Linanthus dianthiflorus and Common goldfields, Lasthenia gracilis.
Germination is good, but with a good amount of nonnatives.
Species in bloom below 3000 feet: 68.

04/4/2018 Sheep Canyon – The creek is still running close to the trail head.
We tried to stay as close to the water and plants as possible.
One of our goals was to find Stream orchid, Epipactis gigantea and Velvet ash, Fraxinus velutina in bloom and we found them both in good bloom.
The bloom count has gone up considerably since our last visit just over a month ago. There are still a couple of must see plants not that far from bloom, so we have to return in a couple of weeks.
Unfortunately Sahara mustard;Asian mustard, Brassica tournefortii in present in very high (999+) numbers.
Species in bloom below 3000 feet: 88.


See photos and older reports at Borrego Wildflowers

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