Posted by: Sandy Steinman | April 8, 2018

Sugarloaf Ridge State Park Wildflowers 4/8/18

Today I went on walk in Sugarloaf Ridge State Park with the Sonoma County chapter of the California Native Plants Society. It was through landscapes burned in the October fires, including grasslands, woodlands, chaparral and serpentine areas. We did a loop going up the Stern or Bald Mt. trail and returned on the Lower Bald Mt. trail. About 80% of Sugarloaf burned. We were looking for evidence of post-fire recovery in trees and shrubs as well as wildflowers.

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Click read more to see a list of some of today’s wildflowers in bloom. You can see a more complete plant list for Sugarloaf Ridge State Park at

Flowers in bloom today  included:

Fernald’s Iris
Longtube Iris
Blue-eyed rass
Diogenes’s Lantern
Star Lily
Hog Fennel
Baby White-eyes
a small Lupine ( L. nanus or bicolor)
peas and vetches
a tiny hillside Claytonia
a red Paintbrush
California Poppy
Bird’s-eye Gilia
Shooting Star
Scarlet Larkspur
a couple of species of Ceanothus


  1. Dang Sandy, how did I miss you?? I’ve been wanting to meet you for years, to thank you in person for all the work you put into this blog. Were you the guy that was bemoaning the name change of Shooting Star to Primula?


    • I was one of several people unhappy about Shooting Stars becoming Primulas. I was the person taking a lot of photos.


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