Posted by: Sandy Steinman | March 24, 2018

Why Are There Less Wildflower Reports?

You may have noticed there are less wildflower reports this year. There are three reasons that I am aware of.

  1. There are less park service people to do reports. A number of parks that I have contacted this year have said they no longer have the staff to post reports. One park reported that they have a botanist position that has remained empty.
  2. The Drought. The poor rainfall this year until March has resulted in many wildflower hotspots, especially in desert areas and Southern California seeing much less bloom. Thus fewer people are submitting or posting reports. March has seen a good amount of rain so far. This will help with some of the later blooming plants but I am not expecting a March Miracle.
  3. Boycotting of DesertUSA It was recently brought to my attention that DesertUSA has run gun ads and ads of gun suppliers. I contacted them and asked them about their advertising policy. They said they have no control of what ads get posted on their site. I found this unacceptable. I have stopped all ads on Natural History Wanderings as I found WordPress allowed ads that were sometimes  in poor taste and objectified women. As a result I have joined others who have decided to no longer post new reports from DesertUSA .


  1. Sandy, thanks for bringing these reasons to folks attention. In our area of northern Sonoma county there are the usual suspects blooming but in fewer numbers.


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