Posted by: Sandy Steinman | March 9, 2018

Anza-Borrego Wildflowers 3/8/18

Borrego Wildflowers reports

3/04/2018 Coyote creek stopped flowing in second crossing that’s a very bad sign for early March.
3/04/2018 Plants look way less fresh than a week ago, the ocotillo are turning brown, dropping their leaves, some are still in bloom.

Only if a miracle happens, like a good rain in March, we might get a bloom in April.
When is the question, peak bloom normally occurs between mid March – mid April. But this isn’t going to happen now.

03/8/2018 Hornblende Canyon
We went past Hornblende numerous times and it always looked green.
But today it didn’t looked that good.
No native annuals in bloom isn’t a good sign.
Getting a good photograph of a female Western bernardia, Bernardia incana was on the top of our list.
It is a difficult flower to photograph, this time we got several good shots.
We found several interesting California barrel cactus, Ferocactus cylindraceus in this canyon. They appear to create branches that produce new plants in the same spot.

03/6/2018 Dave Mc Cain spring loop
A very long drive up to the dry spring area. Not to forget a challenging drive in deep sand.
It looked so promising, but it turned out to be rather dry this time around.
The goal was to find Tanglehead, Heteropogon contortus in bloom and with so many plants we found some in bloom.
The Fish Creek South fork is one of the few places so far where we’ve found a lot of annuals.
Species in bloom below 3000 feet: 17 + 24 along the Fish Creek road

03/5/2018 Indian Canyon South East Fork
The next on our list in Collins valley, an area that is less dry than the rest of the desert.
Less dry but still dry. The first shock, Second crossing is dry.
The plants in Coyote canyon are noticeably less alive than a week ago.
This time the South East fork of Indian canyon.
Didn’t look that bad, a couple of summer monsoonal plants in the wash, Chuparosa looking great.
An incredible number of rather fresh Euphorbia arizonica and one of the few places with Erodium cicutarium in bloom.
Salvia eremostachya in bloom already and very dangerous to photograph as they like to grow rather steep.
30+ Crossosoma bigelovii, a lot and in good bloom. Another yellow Chuparosa, Indian canyon is a place where they are present and in good numbers.
The bad: A lot 999+ Brassica tournefortii, some in bloom, enough to reseed Collins valley.
Brassica tournefortii were more numerous further an higher in the canyon.
Species in bloom below 3000 feet: 44 + 16.

See photos and older reports at Borrego Wildflowers

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