Posted by: Sandy Steinman | March 4, 2018

Anza-Borrego Wildflowers 3/4/18

Borrego Wildflowers reports

Where should I go (3/1/2018):
Don’t expect flower fields, but patches of flowers.

Right now the best place to be is in Coyote Canyon, from first to third crossing (including Box canyon) and Collins valley (including Indian, Sheep, Salvador).
The area around Third crossing creek, still has many interesting blooming plants.

Good spotty germination at the end of di Giorgio asphalt, that probably results in weak bloom.
NO germination at all along Henderson Canyon road. A.K.A> the sunflower patch.
Carrizo Canyon from the S2 south up to Rockhouse canyon, here it’s very green but no germination, but with no additional rain.
Starting just North of Indian Gorge up to and including Carrizo Wash, with no additional rain.
North of Vallecito station up to Hornblende canyon.

3/03/2018 Some rain, but hardly any in the low desert, mainly East (Ranchita and along the mountains) and North direction Anza.
3/03/2018 We did see snow on Granite Mountain, so that area got some water.

03/4/2018 San Felipe Valley Wildlife area loop
This is a very interesting terrain to hike in, lots of different plants.
After the freezing temperatures, the bloom is now at a low point.
The best find of the day, a couple of basal leaves what could be Chlorogalum parviflorum.
Germination is good, but with a good amount of nonnatives.

See photos and older reports at Borrego Wildflowers

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