Posted by: Sandy Steinman | February 18, 2018

Marin Wildflowers 2/18/18 – updated

Marin CNPS Facebook page just posted the following

Lucas Valley Road this past Tuesday 2/13/18 the following were seen in bloom: Sanicula tuberosa – turkey-pea, Micranthes californica – California saxifrage, Aristolochia californica – California pipe-vine, Blennosperma nanum var. nanum – little blennosperma, and Scoliopus bigelovii – fetid adder’s tongue. See photos at Marin CNPS 

Mt, Tam Not many flowers on Bernstein, High Marsh, and Cataract loop.
Quite dry for this time of year. Flowers in bloom included Baby Blue Eyes, Hound’s Tongue, Indian Warrior , Manzanita sp. and Calypso Orchid.

Nicasio Dam Wed. 2/14/18 Dirca below Nicasio Dam. Many were in flower. Very poor conditions for photography. They grow in deep shade and this was at the end of the day with the light fading, and with strong gusts of wind to make them sway around.

See photos for all the above at Marin CNPS 

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