Posted by: Sandy Steinman | January 30, 2018

Where The Mojave Wildflowers Might Be This Year

The Las Vegas Review Journal reports

If you’re looking for wildflowers in the Mojave Desert this year, the best place to hunt — and maybe the only place — is along the course of a single storm that hit Las Vegas in early January.

After a “bone-dry” fall and winter, experts don’t expect much of a bloom across the desert in the coming months. The lone exception could be the roughly 50-mile-wide swath, stretching from Yucca Valley, California, up through Southern Nevada, that was soaked by the season’s only significant weather system on Jan. 9 and Jan. 10.

If there are any flowers at all, that’s where they’ll be, said Jim Andre, who tracks desert flora as director of the Granite Mountains Desert Research Center in California.

Read full story at Follow rainstorm path to find Mojave Desert wildflowers – Las Vegas Review-Journal


  1. On the 9th I was at the airport in Las Vegas, waiting out a two hour rain delay for my flight back home to rain-soaked Seattle. I’d come down to see Death Valley, Red Rock Canyon & Valley of Fire. There was rain in Red Rock on the 8th, and we were treated to raindrops dripping off the prickly pears and misty mountain views.
    Thanks for posting this, Sandy, it puts my visit in context. 🙂


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