Posted by: Sandy Steinman | November 1, 2017

New York Fall Color 11/1/17

New York Fall Foliage reports

Peak foliage arriving in last areas of Greater Niagara and Hudson Valley regions

Wide range of foliage change on Long Island

This is the eighth 2017 Fall Foliage Report for New York State. Reports are obtained from volunteer field observers and reflect expected color conditions for the coming weekend. Fall Foliage Reports are issued every Wednesday afternoon.

Week of November 1 – 7, 2017

Colorful peak fall foliage will arrive in the northern part of the Greater Niagara region, lower Hudson Valley and some parts of Long Island, according to volunteer spotters for Empire State Development’s I LOVE NEW YORK program. I LOVE NEW YORK defines “peak” foliage as the period when the leaves are displaying their best overall appearance of the season.

In the Greater Niagara region, peak foliage is anticipated in Orleans County. Look for 90 percent color change with yellow, orange and red leaves of average brilliance. Many leaves have dried on the trees or are already down. Look for peak foliage with 70 percent color change in Niagara County this weekend, according to spotters in Niagara Falls. A full range of bright fall color is present. In Erie County, spotters reporting from Buffalo expect leaves to be just past peak this weekend with 75 percent color change, with shades of yellow and orange of average brilliance.

In the Hudson Valley, leaves should be peak this weekend in the lower portion of Westchester County. Look for green, red and orange leaves of average brilliance. Rockland County spotters at Bear Mountain State Park and in New City are predicting just past peak foliage with some green remaining, along with shades of gold and red. Many green leaves are turning brown and dropping.

On Long Island, foliage will range from midpoint to near peak, with some isolated areas at peak, according to observers on western Long Island. Sunken Meadow State Park on the north shore in Kings Park is just beginning to change, while just 17 miles away, Belmont Lake State Park in North Babylon on the south shore of Long Island is at peak. The trees along Long Island’s parkway network should offer lots of colorful foliage by the weekend, although not yet at peak. This includes a stretch of the Northern State Parkway in Nassau County between Exit 25 (Lakeville Road) and Exit 29 (Roslyn Road) featuring tall trees along the edge of the roadway, which should be near peak this weekend and peaking throughout next week. Look for predominant shades of yellow, orange, red and purple. Spotters reporting from eastern Long Island in Riverhead predict midpoint conditions this weekend with 50 percent leaf change and red, yellow and brown leaves of average brilliance.

In New York City, spotters reporting from the Morris Park section of The Bronx expect foliage to still be at midpoint of change this weekend with 40 percent color transition and light green, yellow and red leaves of average brilliance.

In the Finger Lakes region, leaf peepers reporting from Greece, north of Rochester, expect peak to past peak foliage for the weekend with 75 percent color change and predominant yellow leaves of average brilliance. Foliage observers reporting from the Greater Rochester area expect peak and past peak conditions this weekend, with light green, yellow, golden yellow, dark red, and orange leaves of average to bright brilliance and 85-90 percent color change.

Foliage reporters checking in from Syracuse University campus predict peak to past peak leaves with about 70-80 percent color change and muted shades of yellow and brown, along with a few reds. In Yates County, Rushville spotters predict foliage will be midway to peak with 45-55 percent color change and bright shades of green, red and yellow.

Other areas of the state are now past peak.


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