Posted by: Sandy Steinman | November 1, 2017

California Fall Color Updates 11/1/17

California Fall Color has several new updates

Lake Camanche is a popular destination east of Lodi for camping, fishing and just getting away. In autumn, its shores are dressed with bright colors from exotic tree of heaven, Chinese pistache, flowering pear and plums.
Native cottonwood are now crested with bright yellow and Valley oaks have not yet turned.
Lake Camanche, Ione – Patchy
See photos at Lake Camanche Begins to Perc

Yosemite National Park is at the last of its peak. The dogwood, bigleaf maple and cottonwood are past peak, though black oak and willows continue to dazzle.
Mohan Ram describes the Valley’s oaks as “glowing in the sunlight,” though the best show is seen at Wawona along CA-41 that Mohan describes as “stunning throughout the entire stretch from vibrant yellows to amazing reds. Not to be missed!”
Wawona Rd. – Peak (75-100%) GO NOW!
Yosemite Valley (4,000’) – Peak to Past Peak – You Almost Missed It.
See photos at Wawona – Vibrant Yellows, Amazing Reds

The Midway between Durham and Chico, to its north, is still Patchy, though is increasingly showing signs of approaching peak color.
If you go now, you won’t be disappointed, but if you wait until peak is reported there could be nothing by the time you get there.  So, our advice is to assess posted photos for when they were taken and what the area might look like in a week or two, then plan accordingly.
Color spotter Daniel Schwartz was in Durham a couple of days ago to find Valley oaks showing nice yellow, lime and orange near the Patrick Ranch.
He continued to Chico to find the Esplanade still patchy with Chinese pistachios and Valley oak showing green, yellow and shades of orange, but limited to few trees. Robert Kermen also visited Chico to find ginkgo biloba along the Esplanade near the Bidwell Mansion heavy with gold leaves. These are some of the most beautiful of boulevard trees at maturity, though care should be taken to plant “male” pollinators, as the female ginkgo has an offensive odor.
Persimmons are another of Chico’s crops. Their orchards are peaking and near harvest.
South of Chico in Oroville, Sank Park along Montgomery St. is peaking, with Chinese pistache overhanging the street with yellow, orange and lime leaves.
North of Chico in Paradise, black oaks are at the end of their peak.
In Biggs on Vance Rd., between Feather Road and Pond, trees are patchy with touches of yellow.
Oroville – Near Peak (50-75%) GO NOW!
Patrick Ranch, Durham – Patchy
Esplanade, Chico – Patchy
Paradise – Peak (75-10%) GO NOW!
Biggs – Patchy
See photos at Color Along The Midway

Aerial Video of Shasta Cascade: Above Crescent Mills – California Fall Color

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