Posted by: Sandy Steinman | October 25, 2017

Los Padres National Forest Fall Color 10/25/17

California Fall Color reports

Black oak are about to peak in the Los Padres National Forest (north of the San Fernando Valley in Ventura County), Naresh Satyan reports.
along Gold Hill Rd., “a nice patch of color is seen at the Piru creek crossing. Higher up, between 5000′ and 7000′, black oaks are at peak amidst a mixed-pine forest.”
“one has to go looking for color,” as the black oaks are not seen in all locations.
he did see rattlesnakes, condors (the area borders the Sespe Condor Sanctuary – a 53,000-acre wildlife refuge in the Topatopa Mountains, in northeastern Ventura County), peregrine falcons, lots of hawks, quail, and smaller birds.
Unseen, but evident from their scat and tracks were “deer, bear, and mountain lions.” Naresh concluded they were likely hidden from view due to it being hunting season.
A word of caution: When fall color spotting in areas where hunting is common, avoid wearing camouflage clothing. Instead, a blaze orange item or bright clothing is advised (humans see it, but hunted animals do not).
Alamo Mountain (7,380′), Los Padres National Forest – Near Peak (50-75%) GO NOW!
See photos at Condor Country – Los Padres Nat’l Forest

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