Posted by: Sandy Steinman | October 10, 2017

California Fall Color Reports 10/10/17 – part 2

California Fall Color has a number of new reports this afternoon. Here are the highlights with photo links.

Mammoth Lakes  flecked with gold, Near Peak aspen throughout town and along Mammoth Creek Trail and the Sherwin Creek Trail which leads to the Sherwin Lakes.Mammoth Lakes (8,500′) – Near Peak (50-75%) GO NOW! See photos at Mammoth Lakes Now Flecked With Gold

Saghen Meadows-  The moment has arrived when enough Peak color has fallen at a given location to classify the location as Past Peak. When that happens, we report, “You Missed It.”
That’s occurred at Sagehen Meadows Road in Mono County (13 mi. east of US 395, south of Mono Lake on CA-120), where this past week the color was gloriously rich and textured. Today, most of it is on the ground.
Yet, for the die-hard color spotter, like Mark Harding, there is beauty to be seen in the last weathered leaves of autumn. And, if you still visit Sagehen, you’ll find lovely glimpses of it, as he did. Sagehen Meadows, Mono County – Past Peak (You Missed It.)  See photos at Sagehen Meadows – You Missed It

Skyforest – Santa’s Village – Aspen and maple have been planted throughout the park’s fantasy village, and though the trees are young, they promise a show of fall color that will improve each autumn. Santa’s Village, Skyforest (5,174′) – Near Peak (50-75%) GO NOW! See photos at Santa’s Village Unwraps Autumn Presents

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