Posted by: Sandy Steinman | October 9, 2017

California Fall Color Reports 10/9/17

California Fall Color has the following new reports:

Convict Lake (7,850′) – Patchy to Near Peak (10-75%) – GO NOW!
beside the lake to find the trees 50/50 in lime and yellow. That promises more color to come over the coming two weeks.

Lundy Canyon (7,858′) – Near Peak (50-75%) – GO NOW!
Lundy Canyon, to the north in Mono County, Near Peak and “Glorious!”

McGee Creek – The peak color starts above the trailhead parking lot. Down canyon, Near Peak and Patchy conditions exist, meaning that the show will continue for another two weeks at McGee (conditions permitting).
McGee Creek (8,600′) – Near Peak – GO NOW!

Upper Rock Creek (9,000′ to 10,300′) – Peak GO NOW! –Similar to what is happening elsewhere, there’s a varied mix of color in the groves, though Upper Rock Creek is a consistent Peak (75%-100%). The area around Rock Creek Lake is especially stunning right now, and a short hike on the Hilton Lakes Trail provides a great introduction to the beautiful color–with Bear Creek Spire and surrounding peaks serving as an awe-inspiring backdrop.

June Lake Loop (7,654′) – Near Peak GO NOW! – There is a lot more variation here than the aforementioned locations–some groves are still sporting lots of green, while others are brimming with yellow and orange glow.  the Loop in its entirety as “Near Peak” (50%-75%), but some groves are already Peak (75%-100%). For instance, the grove along the north shore of Silver Lake has peaked, but the aspen lining the south side of June Lake are Near Peak with probably a week to go before Peak.

Bishop Creek (8,000′ to 9,768′) – Peak GO NOW! –Most of the canyon has moved dramatically toward peak color, with “the Cardinal Village area is really popping right now. There is a beautiful pond on the property that is surrounded by white granite boulders and aspens–all of which are now peaking out in a vibrant yellow.”|
there are still many green aspen on the hillside above where the aspen are at peak. Though also in the photograph, some stands are now Past Peak.

Carson Pass/Luther Pass

auburn, orange, gold, yellow and lime-colored grasses, willows and shrubs carpeting Alpine meadows. Aspen are near peak to Peak in a few locations, though will be closer to peak this weekend.
Hope Valley (7,000-8,000’) – Near Peak (50 – 75%) GO NOW! – Aspen are somewhat patchy, depending on the grove.
Luther Pass (7,740′) – Patchy – Groves on the east side of Luther Pass are still quite green, whereas Hope Valley has many large yellow groves.

See Photos at Carson Pass/Luther Pass

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