Posted by: Sandy Steinman | October 4, 2017

California Fall Color Updates 10/4/17

California Fall Color has a more new reports today

Ventana Wilderness/Big Sur –  In these mountains, the fall color progression is a rolling peak depending on the slope aspect and elevation. For now the best color is at the highest elevations of the Santa Lucia Mountains.
Bountiful poison oak is also bright red at the higher elevations. here it will mix with redwoods below ~2000 ft into November.
Expect spots of bright color in an otherwise evergreen forest of fir, redwood and live oak.
Ventana Wilderness – Big Sur Hills (3,000 to 5,000 feet) – Near Peak (50-75%) See photos at  Ventana Wilderness / Big Sur – California Fall Color

Upper Rock Creak/Little Lakes Valley -(Little Lakes Valley Trailhead [10,200’], Rock Creek Canyon – 10/3/17) Hiking from the end of Rock Creek Road on the Little Lakes Valley Trail, quaking aspen were peaking near 10,400’.
See video at Upper Rock Creek / Little Lakes Valley

Mist Falls at Glen Mt. – The color surrounding the Mist Falls and Mountain Glen is spectacular, particularly when backlit at midday. The mix of green, lime, yellow, orange and red provide a Near Peak palete along South Lake Rd. that is breathtaking. See video at Mist Falls at Glen Mt.

North Lake – North Lake and Sabrina Lake are Near Peak, though with large areas of Patchy color. South Lake has Peak color and is glorious!
Please note: This autumn is very different in Bishop Creek Canyon from previous ones in that the color is not synchronized. Groves in the same area are at all stages, from Just Starting to Past Peak.
So, if you delay visiting, you’re likely to miss it all, as no one area is going to peak all at once this year.  Only South Lake has that potential, but even the green among the groves is spectacular, there. Expect to see bare limbs near brilliant color, beside green trees.
Bottom Line… GO NOW! See video at North Lake nears Peak

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