Posted by: Sandy Steinman | October 3, 2017

California Fall Color Updates 10/3/17

California Fall Color has a number of new reports

Plumas County –  Hideaway Road and Round Valley Road to the Round Valley reservoir, then up from there to the top, and back down to Canyon Dam near Lake Almanor.He found the Canyon Dam side not as far along with weeks to go until peak color. Though the dogwoods are coming along and bigleaf maples are half way there.River bottoms along Wolf Creek in Greenville are full of yellows and reds beside Hideaway Road.A tree that is often confused (wild locust) are in full yellow. Jeff reports that the higher you go in the area,  the longer it seems the color will take to peak, though the valley floor is turning fast.
Plumas County (3,500’) – Patchy (10-50%) See photos at Plumas County Fills With Color

Big Pine Creek – there’s still some snow on the ground at over 10,000’.
Big Pine Creek (10,000’) – Peak GO NOW! See photos at  Big Pine Creek – Snow Still at 10,000’

Los Angeles National Forest –  the few bigleaf maple are at or near peak color are found between 4000’ and 6000′.
The Sheep Mountain Wilderness in San Gabriel National Monument along the East Fork of the San Gabriel River and its tributaries provides the best color.
“It is a remote area with very few trails, but the maples are accessible along the Mine Gulch trail from Vincent Gap (Vincent Gulch Divide) on the Angeles Crest Highway. There is plenty of poison oak this year in very beautiful shades of pink and red, at peak now at elevations near 5000′ and moving down.
Sheep Mountain Wilderness, San Gabriel National Monument (4,000-6,000’) – Near Peak to Peak GO NOW!  See photos at  Spotting Color: Angeles National Forest


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