Posted by: Sandy Steinman | September 27, 2017

San Juan National Forest 9/27/17

Estimated Percentage of Current Fall Foliage:
Durango to Purgatory – 55%
Molas Pass – 80%
Silverton/Red Mtn Pass – 85%-0%
Pagosa – 35%
Dolores to Lizard Head Pass – 55%
Mancos/La Platas – 40%
Ouray to Telluride – 55%

Areas with Greatest Amount of Color / Recommended Viewing Areas: Coalbank, Ouray.  Telluride, Ridgeway to Rico getting better

Estimated Peak Viewing Period: Peaking in Silverton, but most other areas are still on their way.

Viewing Suggestions / Tips:  Anything over about 50% should be good for photography.  This can vary even across small areas.
If you’re driving slow and taking pictures, pull over and let the thru traffic pass.
Weather should be clear on Sunday through early this week.

Trees That Are Currently Turning Color: Aspen.  Oak brush and ground cover ferns are begining to turn underneath. Some choke cherry, service berry, and Box Elder trees.

For More Information on Fall Colors Please Contact: San Juan Public Lands Center, Durango (970) 247-4874

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