Posted by: Sandy Steinman | September 16, 2017

Superior National Forest Fall Color 9/15/17

Superior National Forest reports on current conditions as of September 15, 2017

Fall color is now at 50 to 60% of peak. Ash and elm trees are yellow, with orange moose maple in the understory and some scarlet red maples. Most sugar maples are still green, but with a hint of yellow. Things seem to be progressing fast this year! Click here to dive deeper into fall colors.

When is the PEAK?!

The peak of fall color is as unpredictable as the spring ice out date.  It depends on weather conditions through the growing season, as well as leaf stripping wind and rain in the fall.  It also depends on what you are looking for as birches, tamaracks, and maples all peak at different times.  The location in the Superior National Forest makes a difference as well.  The North Shore area will peak at a different time than the inland area, but, depending on weather, it could be earlier or later than inland.  The best we can offer is our collection of pictures taken every week at the same photopoint on the Honeymoon Trail since 2008.  By looking at this history, you can decide when you think peak will be this year.

For downloadable maps of the fall color tours, choose from the options below:

Our nationally designated Scenic Byways and Scenic Drives are also good locations for fall colors:

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