Posted by: Sandy Steinman | July 16, 2017

White Mountain Wildflowers 7/16/17

Today was spent on White Mountain on the unpaved road between the Schulman Grove and White Mt. Trailhead.  The Road to Patriarch Grove is blocked by snow. You can walk out but we opted to pass as many of the flowers we normally see there were along the road.

Most impressive was an area about two and half miles above Schulman Grover where there were thousands of a small Alpine Paintbrush and farther along there was a seep that had Scented Shooting Star/ Primula fragrans. There were large numbers of Wyoming Paintbrush, Coville’s Phlox and Lupine along the road. Also good specimens of Scarlet Penstemon.

Flowers identified included Wyoming Paintbrush, at least two Lupines, Prickly Phlox, Coyote Mint, Hawksbeard, Golden Flower, Scarlet Penstemon, Showy Penstemon, Whorled Penstemon, Pussy Toes, Ruby Buckwheat, Flax, Alpine Paintbrush,  Pinzl’s Fleabane/Erigeron clokeyi var. pinzliae, Shooting Stars, Dwarf Lewesia/ Lewesia pygmacea, Toad Lily/ Monti chamissoi, a Cinquefoil, an Ivesia, a Draba,  Hymenoxys lemmonii or H. copperi, a very tiny Locoweed/Astragalus kentrophyta and a very tiny yellow monkeyflower/Erythranthe suksdorfii.

Today’s iPhone slideshow

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Also seen were Mt. Bluebirds, Mt. Chickadees, Ravens and Clark’s Nutcrackers.

Butterflies included Painted Lady,  Mourning Cloak Butterfly and unidentified blues.

Near the trailhead  were a number of Marmots.

Many  of the flowers are small “belly flowers”. They are easy to miss if you don’t look carefully.


  1. Hi,

    Thank you for your reply. Was out at Abbott’s Lagoon this morning and saw a wildflower along the straight path out, not too far from the trail head, which I hadn’t noticed before:
    tiny clusters of dark-pink (magenta) and white spheres in a tight little head of round buds. Didn’t have a camera with me. Beautiful flowers.
    The colors don’t seem to fit the description of Castelleja ambigua, though it looks very similar.
    Would love to know which flower it is. Thank you very much for any info.

    All best,

    Ishan Clemenco


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