Posted by: Sandy Steinman | July 8, 2017

Sierra Wildflower Updates 7/7/17

Where to photograph in California – Yahoo Groups (Calphoto) has several wildflower reports from the Sierra

July 7

I just came back from a hike near Tahoe that had an abundance of wildflowers. Started at the Big Meadow trailhead for the Tahoe Rim Trail, on highway 89.

Big Meadow is just about a mile in from the trailhead. No snow, the streams are low enough to cross easily. The meadow itself isn’t boggy, and there are quite a few flowers there. Mosquitoes are an issue early and late in the day, at midday we didn’t notice any.

I hiked much further than that, out to Dardanelles Lake. This is about an 8 mile round trip from the trailhead, with a noticeable change in elevation along the way (for me, being old and carrying a lot of equipment). While Big Meadow was great, there were many more flowers along the hike. As you approach the lake, in the North Truckee drainage area, things are wetter. Numerous streams to cross (but we could do that without getting our feet wet) and some diversions around boggy areas, but almost no snow on the ground. Again, lots of mosquitoes in the boggy areas.

First time I’ve been here, I was very happy with the trek. And Dardanelles Lake is very, very scenic as well.

Side note – the Carson Pass area has blooms in spots, but the local folks are saying that it is still early for the best blooms. That is a higher area than what I hiked at. We met one person who hiked over from Meiss Meadow and she said that she was crossing a lot of snow fields still.

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July 7

just came back from Yosemite, mostly from Crane Flat to Tioga Pass. The wildflowers at Crane Flat are about to explode in another week or two. There is a good number blooming now. Corn Lilies everywhere. Many more getting ready to bloom. It is boggy. Wear overshoes. Mosquitoes are waiting for you around every tree. Big clusters of shooting stars at White Wolf. Again, boggy. Flowers all along 120

June 29

 west over SR120 as Tioga Pass opened.  Some sunny granite slab zones along the highway have mountain pride penstemon blooming but significant zones that usually have a lot of species showing by early July simply melted out too recently and are still small growing herbs.  Areas between 6k and 8k had the most flowers out.

A few days after 7 days up on a Cherry Creek Styx Pass whitewater trip, I had spent a couple days in the White Mountain bristlecones and then a one night backpack into Little Lakes Valley.  Rock Creek areas below 8.5k had flowers with few above that.  Owens lower sagebrush slopes along the foot of the range have less flowers this year than normal.  For instance someone related the flowers at the bend in McGee Canyon at 8.5k is a dud this year and I saw little yellow from wyethia or mule ears in the distance along Parker Bench as those areas simply look dry except along riparian corridors.

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