Posted by: Sandy Steinman | July 5, 2017

Parks Have Many Benefits

The East Bay Regional Parks has a report on the many benefits the park district brings to local communities some of which may not be so obvious. The parks preserve open space, provide environmental education and offer many types of recreational activities. They also have economic and health benefits the to the local communities.

The East Bay Regional Parks is a system of  parklands and trails in Alameda and Contra Costa counties east of San Francisco. It consists of 120,931 acres in 65 parks, including over 1,250 miles of trails. A new report has an analysis of the park district’s impact on the economy and life in the East Bay.

  • At 120,00 acres of parks, open space and trails, it is an increase from 91,000 acres in 2000
  • $500 Million is the annual economic value of the East Bay Regional Park District’s Lands and Operations to the region. The benefit is measured by aesthetic, recreation, health, water quality, flood control and climate change-related contributions.*
  • $191 Million is the impact of the park district on regional economy (including director visitor spending and outside grants)
  • $199 Million is the recreational economic value of the district which is a 97% increase insect 2000
  • 25 Million annual visitors an increase of 78% since 2000
  • $20 million is the Approximate annual health care cost savings resulting from park district-provided recreational opportunities ( the study estimated that nearly 60,000 visitors wouldn’t exercise without access to park district lands and facilities)

Source: Quantifying our quality of Life: An Economic Analysis of the East Bay’s Unique Environment 2017. Prepared by Economic & Planning Systems, Inc. in association with the Strategy Research Institute. Download a copy at

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