Posted by: Sandy Steinman | June 10, 2017

Mount Rainier Wildflowers 6/8/17

Mount Rainier National Park   has a new report

Currently BloomingJune 8, 2017
Visitors often ask when is the peak wildflower bloom. However, some flower species bloom early in the season, while some bloom late. Coltsfoot, one of the first flowers of spring, is already done blooming and entering the seedhead stage! At the same time, many flowers are still buried under snow in the subalpine meadows. So “peak wildflower bloom” is roughly the time period when the largest number of wildflowers are blooming at the same time (which is usually in early August).

Wildflower Reports

  • Longmire (6/8) – roundleaf violet, stream violet, alaska violet, calypso orchid (late), twayblade, Cascade Oregon-grape, wild strawberry, kinnikinnick, serviceberry, siberian miner’s lettuce, bunchberry, smooth alumroot (early), big-leaved sandwort, star solomon’s seal (early), lupine
  • Nisqually Entrance to Longmire Road (6/1) – vanilla leaf, cow parsnip (early), columbine, foam flower, lupine (near Kautz)

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