Posted by: Sandy Steinman | June 9, 2017

North Coast Redwood Update 6/7/17

Where to photograph in California – Yahoo Groups (Calphoto) has a report on the North Coast Redwood Rhododendrons

I spent several days in the Redwoods (all of them 6/3-6/7).  The Rhodies where really not present.  Last fall I believe they failed to set buds for this spring due to the stresses of the drought.  What I did see was phenomenal new growth with a promise of a good future show.  But I also saw some new concerns.

The forest is dry.  Lady Bird Johnson Grove and Damnation Trail/creek and other places where dry.  I experienced sunshine and slight overcast in each of the four days.  I was hoping to find fog but saw none. Research indicates that one of the effects of climate change is less fog.  This north coast is reliant on summer fog.  The redwoods are designed specifically to glean moisture from the fog and drop it to the ground to nourish flora and fauna alike but with less fog, there is no assurance of rhoadies or anything else.  The entire north coast ecosystem is clearly at risk, and this current republican president and his minions have no plan to protect it!


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