Posted by: Sandy Steinman | June 1, 2017

Mount Rainier Wildflowers 6/1/17

Mount Rainier National Park   has its first report of the season

Currently BloomingJune 1, 2017
There are two species of Oregon-grape in the park, and both are currently blooming! Cascade Oregon-grape (Berberis nervosa) is common at low elevations, while holly-leaf Oregon-grape (Berberis aquifolium) is rare. Both species are found around Longmire. Cascade Oregon-grape is short, and each leaf has 11-19 leaflets. Holly-leaf Oregon-grape is a larger shrub, with 5-9 spiny dark green leaflets per leaf. Both species have clusters of bright yellow flowers.

Wildflower Reports

  • Longmire (6/1) – roundleaf violet, stream violet, alaska violet, calypso orchid, twayblade, holly-leafed Oregon-grape, Cascade Oregon-grape, wild strawberry, kinnikinnick, serviceberry, siberian miner’s lettuce (early)
  • Nisqually Entrance (6/1) – vanilla leaf

Wildflower Photos are available on Mount Rainier’s Flickr page.

Plan Your Visit
Sunrise are two of the main visitor center areas at Mount Rainier National Park. Both areas are well known for their impressive wildflower meadows. The park also maintains dozens of trails perfect for wildflower viewing.


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